1950s' Fischer Dubrovnik Chess Set - Chess Pieces Only - Mahogany Stained & Boxwood - 3.8 " King

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1950s' Fischer Dubrovnik Chess Set - Chess Pieces Only - Mahogany Stained & Boxwood - 3.8 " King

Rs. 12,400.00 Regular price
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The original Dubrovnik Set was made in the fifties and sixties in the renowned master carver Jakopović's workshop. These are the pieces that Bobby Fischer proclaimed his favourite, this is the chess set that we can see him analyze with in various documentaries and photographs. He famously said ," I think it's the best chess set I've ever played on. It's just a joy to play with, a joy to hold, the definition of the pieces, the design, … it's just a marvelous set, but it's very hard to get, I don't have it."

Getting an original Jakopovic's set is almost impossible. Price of some of these sets which are in playworthy condition can run in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly more.  

We have bought to life a precise reproduction of the original Dubrovnik with increased ballast at the base. The dark side army has been mahogany gilded replicating the original Jakopovic's Dubrovnik Variants.
The Dubrovnik with its fat, chunky bases and a solid well proportioned design is a crown jewel for any chess player or collector.
Update: After feedback received from many chess collectors and players from the chess community, we have made revisions to the rook which has now a straight body and shank as compared to the tapered variant which was sold earlier.

Chessmen Dimensions
  Height Base
King 3.8" (97mm) 1.7" (44mm)
Queen 3.4" (85mm) 1.7" (42mm)
Bishop 3.0" (75mm) 1.5" (39mm)
Knight 2.8" (70mm) 1.5" (39mm)
Rook 2.2" (56mm) 1.5" (39mm)
Pawn 1.9" (49mm) 1.3" (33mm)
Wood Combination Mahogany Stained / Boxwood
Dark Chess Pieces Mahogany Stained 
Light Chess Pieces Boxwood
Recommended Square Size 2.16" to 2.36" (55 mm to 60 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Pieces 3.0 lbs (1350 grams)
34 Chess pieces
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Wendell Ward
A heavily researched purchase with a pleasant end result.

I had been wanting a well made, reasonably priced, solid chess set I could keep out and use for games with the kids or analysis purposes. Although attracted to the early nineteenth century Staunton design, I wanted something a little different. I was watching a review by “Random Chess Talk” and he had a Royal Chess Mall version of the Dubrovnik on hand. I liked what I saw, so I started researching other manufacturers versions of the Dubrovnik to get their spin on a classic, well researched, historically significant set. Royal Chess Mall hit all the marks in what I was looking for. Upon arrival I inspected the packaging and found no issues save for a small indent probably suffered during shipping; no fault to RCM and the pieces inside were fine. A couple high lights for me were the wide, solid bases and an almost linear progression from king down to rook. One thing I always thought was a distraction from a Staunton set is the king is generally disproportionate to the rest of the line in height. I applaud the updated rook that is truer to the original and think the knight one of the prettiest of any set I have seen. In closing, the set feels good in hand, well made, has no sharp points to distract from play, and is something I will be proud to pass on one day. At twenty percent off regular price and free shipping I definitely consider this an investment worth making. Thank you.

Beautiful but imperfect

I leave two stars only for the fact that the company never considered my complaint about the asymmetry of two Knights. Never had any answer and no kind of solution. For the rest the pieces are very beautiful.

Roberto Altamirano
Great Dubrovnik chess pieces

I love the chess pieces. I’d only suggest to make them in 3.5”. I will purchase a new set soon for sure!

Porfirio Fernandez
Excellent pieces

Love these pieces , worth the money.

Angelo Stradiotto

I bought this beautiful chess set. I saw a lot of videos on YouTube before bought it, but I didn’t expect that such it’ll of quality! The Mohegan black pieces are just fantastic, they have a beautiful brown/purple colour i love it.

Jorge Reyes
Beautiful chess set

Excellent chess set, perfect weight, great quality in the pieces. Thank you Royal chess mall for fast shipping.

Garrett Townsend
Beautiful set with odd weights

This set is one that I have wanted for quite a while and it does not disappoint. The mahogany stain is wonderfully realized on the pieces. This stain gives them a luster in the sunlight that makes them seem more expensive than they are.
This is a redesign of the original set from old images so there are some variations. For the most part this is for the best. The original aesthetic of the Dubrovnik knights front facing image made them look dog-like, while this rendition gives them a more appropriate and noble visage. The pieces as a whole are comfortable in the hand and pleasurable to play with.
The one thing that I find odd is the weights in the pieces. They are not claimed to be weighted, instead the page claims that they have increased ballast at the base. For the pawns, bishops and knights, this weight is fantastic. The rook, queen and especially the king are incredibly heavy in comparison. The original 1950 set was unweighted, and while I did not expect that here, the weights of the greater pieces was a surprise. Stranger still is that the white king is significantly heavier than the black king.
The weights are by no means a deal breaker, but will keep this set from getting the perfect score it would have gotten if the weights were more consistent throughout the set. I was able to purchase this set on black Friday with a 20% discount and at that price this is more than fair.

Eric Huerta
A better Dubrovnik 1950s chess set than the original?

This Dubrovnik replica is now my preferred set to play, study, and analysis. It has adequate size, the right weight, and the best design. The size is not too large nor small, just the standard FIDE with proper proportions between the pieces and pawns. The weight is over 1 Kg, just the right amount to not move on the board and to be comfortable while relocating the pieces (remember that the original was unweighted). I like the size of the knights and the rooks in this set that are chunkier than other similar repros. The best feature is, of course, the design. The Dubrovnik set is one of those sets with historical value. Having one is like having a piece of history. Chess had a part in the cold war, and this set was in the middle of its ending. There are many repros around, and some are claimed to be the best overall. Dubrovnik 50s is a faithful repro of the original 1950s chess set, with only minor variances.

Considering that an artist designed the original Dubrovnik, the artisans that made this improved design improved is impressive. For example, a minor variation on the knights makes them look even better than the original. Yes, that's right, the originals had a dog face from the front (front-facing eyes), while the knights in this set look like horses' heads from any angle (side-facing eyes). On the historical side, there is some controversy on what Dubrovnik's version Mr. Fischer named his favorite. Listening to the recording, he was talking about the 1950s, which is why it was called Fischer Dubrovnik. In any case, the 1970s repros have cartoonish knights instead of classic-looking ones. This set is now my endgame, and my small collection will go on sale. I no longer need any other chess set; this Fischer Dubrovnik would be my companion and outlive me.

Marc Schelpe
Beautiful Pieces

This set (Dubrovnik 1950) was out of stock but thanks to Ajay, I received an email when they became available again.
I ordered them on August 5th and they arrived in Alberta Canada on August 9th. Talk about speedy delivery!
It's no wonder that Bobby Fischer said they were his favourite pieces. Now I own the same pieces. I don't ever expect to be able to play like Fischer did but I can sure share his appreciation of them and my set is made of mahogany. They are beautiful pieces. I highly recommend them to any player and collector. I think Royal Chess Mall is the only seller that offers a set in mahogany.
Thanks for a beautiful chess set Royal Chess Mall, I will treasure these.

Khosak Phanudom

I receive the 1950 Dubrovnik today. The chess set is very nice and I like it very much.