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      Although there are many materials available for chess sets, wood is by far the most popular substrate for both professional use chess pieces or luxurious ornate chess sets. The beauty, detailing and the handcrafted wooden chess sets not only look stunning but are also durable and functional. At Royal Chess Mall, we've sourced the highest graded woods from all over the world including Brazil, Africa, USA, India for making our chess sets. Our beautiful chess pieces match with stunning chess boards to ensure that you get the ideal chess set at the end.

      When you place your order at our chess store, you can rest assured that you'll get premium quality products delivered to your home. So, scroll & shop for the natural wood chess set for yourself.
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      While selecting the wooden chess set, be sure you choose a durable, high-quality and elegantly designed chess set for your needs. 

      We offer custom-made wooden chess sets to our clients. However, sets that are customized are not subject to refund, replacement or cancellation.

      A big yes. Even if the chess pieces are out of stock, you can back-order them. We'll start with the manufacturing as soon as possible to ensure that you get the timely delivery.

      Yes. Royal Chess Mall can help you turn your chess pieces design into reality. You can discuss the specifications with us and we’ll ensure that you get the best chessmen.

      We take pride in offering worldwide shipping for all our products. You can order them anytime and anywhere and we'll ship them to you in a few days. 

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      Top-Class & Premium-Quality Wooden Chess Sets

      When it comes to choosing the premium quality wooden chess set, there are a lot of different styles that come into the picture. From rosewood to folding to magnetic, there are a wide range of options available in the market. The choice of the best wooden chess set will entirely depend on your playing requirements and style. At Royal Chess Mall, we offer a wide variety of professional wooden chess sets that will not only look appealing but also functional.

      Why Choose Wooden Chess Sets?

      There is no doubt that wooden chess sets are the most sought-after chess set types available. The main reason that makes wooden chess setsv more popular is its traditional look. The fine look that the wood imparts to the chess set makes it look more appealing. A combination of woods and the skills of our artisans can help you to get the most striking and beautiful chess sets.

      Besides looks, the wooden chess sets come with a professional look. The simple and elegant style, easy positioning and soft feel ensure that the players can play wisely. If you're looking for a good wooden chess set that is durable, stable and carved with fine detailing, you can choose from the chess sets available at Royal Chess Mall. We make things super easy for our customers, from searching to selecting to placing your order.

      Different Types Of Best Wooden Chess Sets

      If you're on the hunt to buy a wooden chess set, it's vital to understand the different types and make your choice wisely. Here are some of the main types of wooden chess sets available at Royal Chess Mall.

      • Handmade Wooden Chess Set Expert craftsmen at Royal Chess Mall crave each and every piece and board with hand, making it one of the most luxurious looking chess sets. The chess sets are carved from a large block of wood square by square. If you're looking to buy the premium quality chess set, you should definitely browse through handmade wooden chess sets.
      • Wooden Portable Chess Set This type of chess set is perfect for those who wish to choose sets that are perfect for traveling. Their light weight and soft feel ensures that you can play even on the go. At Royal Chess Mall, we've a bunch of wooden portable chess sets made using different kinds of materials, designs and styles.
      • Boxwood Chess Set Boxwood is one of the most popular materials used in the manufacturing of chess sets. Majorly used in the manufacturing of luxurious furniture and boxes, the wood type imparts perfect shine and royalty to the carved chess set. Besides boxwood, we use rosewood, ebony and many more materials for chess set manufacturing. You can scroll through the collection to find the most stunning chess sets.
      • Large Wooden Chess Set If you're looking to choose a wooden chess set that catches the attention of visitors when placed at home, be sure to choose the large wooden chess set. The fine detailing, the classic look of the set and the luxury feel of the chess set make it a spotlight grabber in your space.
      • Royal Chess Mall offers folding wholesale wooden chess sets to ensure that you're getting the top-notch products under one roof and at affordable prices. For more information regarding the chess sets or the material used in the manufacturing, feel free to contact our team today.

      Why Buy Wooden Chess Set For Sale From Royal Chess Mall?

      Regardless of how often you play, a quality wooden chess set can last for a lifetime. At Royal Chess Mall, we take pride in bringing you the best wooden chess sets that are built and handcrafted with the premium materials. The reason behind the durability of the chess sets is that we use top-quality wood while manufacturing.

      With our weighted and affordable wooden chess sets, you can rest easy knowing that you'll get the most desirable experience from your chess play. Besides this, we offer a storage box for chess pieces to ensure that the pieces won't get damaged during the trip. Foldable wooden chess sets are designed with internal storage capacity to keep the chess pieces safe.

      Whatever type of wooden chess set you choose, all of them come with a 3 year warranty period. In case you're dealing with any kind of issues, our team of chess specialists is there to help you with the quality care. Have a look at the main points that make Royal Chess Mall one of the best chess suppliers.

      • Unique, antique, vintage, cool and professional wooden chess sets available to ensure that you get the best chess set that matches your style
      • Safe packaging of each and every chess set for worldwide shipping
      • Easy return policy, 3 year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
      • Replacement parts available to ensure that your chess set won't look unappealing in case you lose one or two pieces
      • 30 years of experience in the industry that helps us to deliver high-end products at pocket-friendly prices

      Convinced? It's time to check out our wooden chess set collection!

      Order Handmade Wooden Chess Set Right Away!

      If you're a chess lover looking for the best quality chess sets at prices that won't wince your bank account, be sure not to miss the rare and unique chess set collection at Royal Chess Mall. We are proud chess set sellers offering premium quality products worldwide. No matter where you live, we can ship everything from large wooden chess sets to portable ones right at your doorstep. We work with an aim to help chess lovers, chess players and chess collectors to get their hands on the best products. This is why we are pushing our boundaries to supply beautiful wooden chess sets across the globe. So, make your purchase for a high quality wooden chess set with none other than Royal Chess Mall. Buy before the beautiful chess sets run out of stock!