The Chess Match of the Century and the equipment used in it

The historic 1972 face-off between the then world champion Boris Spassky of the USSR and Bobby Fischer of the US for the World Chess Championship, was held over July-August of that year. Played as it was at the height of the cold war, the politically loaded overtones associated with the match added much to the intrigue and allure around it.

A Hard-fought Contest

This hard-fought, dramatic, and thrilling battle of wits took place in the Laugardalsholl arena in Reykjavik - Iceland. It spanned 21 games with Fischer winning seven of them, while Spassky won three (of which one was forfeited by Fischer). 11 games ended in a draw. Fischer ultimately won by a margin of four points - 12.5 to 8.5.

A Pivotal Achievement

Fischer’s landmark achievement made him an overnight celebrity. Its significance was only heightened by the fact that he had, in what the American media dubbed the ‘Match of the Century,’ effectively snapped the 24-year-old stranglehold that the Soviets had had on the World Chess Championship - since way back in 1948.

The Chessmen Deployed

As unforgettable as the match itself had been, the chess set that was used throughout the duration of this 21-game series proved to be just as memorable.

Named after the principal protagonists involved in the momentous occasion during which it was deployed, the 1972 Fischer Spassky Chessmen - exquisite pieces of art in their own right - have become indelibly etched in the annals of Chess lore.

Fischer Spasky Chess Pieces
1972 Fischer Spassky Chessmen in Natural Ebony

Now Within Your Reach

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Substrate Variants

Meticulously turned and lovingly hand-carved by our master craftsmen, these Chessmen are available in Natural Ebony, in Bud Rosewood, and in a combination of Golden Rosewood and Boxwood - all double-weighted with lead shots for enhanced heft and stability.

Fischer Spassky Chess Pieces
1972 Fischer Spassky Chessmen in Bud Rosewood                   

Fischer Spassky Chess Pieces

1972 Fischer Spassky Chessmen in Golden Rosewood





Base diameter


3.7” (94 mm)

1.7” (43 mm)


3.1” (80 mm)

1.5” (39 mm)


2.9” (73 mm)

1.4” (36 mm)


2.7” (69 mm)

1.4” (36 mm)


2.1” (54 mm)

1.4” (36 mm)


1.9” (48 mm)

1.2” (30 mm)


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