Expert Tips and Tricks for chess to scale-up to Pro level from a beginner

Chess may sound like a lucratively elegant game to you, but it is worth a brain-storming game to play. Many chess lovers or collectors may have an aesthetic chess collection like staunton wooden chess pieces, a classy golden rosewood chess board, or a royal marble chess set, but when it comes to playing the game, they miserably fail to deliver chess tips and tricks required to win a match. If you are one of them, we have some impressive insights on playing chess like a pro that will help you! So, without further ado, let’s get you started.

Master The Moves

There are 6 different chess pieces which move in a certain way. To quote a few examples, pawns move only a square at a time when already moved, while it can move up to 2 squares on its first move. On the other hand, a bishop moves in an X-shape. Likewise, each piece has its own move, and you must learn them to get the maximum clarity. This is the most crucial chess strategy for beginners to comprehend the game's know-how. 

Commence The Game With a Pawn

Advance the pawn placed in front of either the queen or the king two squares forward. This move will open the way for the queen and bishop to enter the game at the same time. However, their movement is disrupted when the pans are on their way; thus, the problem can be resolved by moving the mentioned pawn in the first move. We bet this is one of the best tips and tricks for chess that no one ever told you. You can thank us later!

Shoot Your Bishops & Knights 

It is always a wise move to get your bishops and nights out before you move the queen, king or rooks. Direct them towards the center of the board. This way, you can attack from behind the pawns. Such low-key chess strategy and tactics are the stepping-stones towards your win.  

Re-Think Your Every Move! 

Never make a move (even of the simplest) without considering all the possibilities that it may bring. When it’s your turn, first think of the last move your opponent played. Then, watch out for any traps if they are leading you to. Always strive to threaten your opponents’ king first and capture their players. Lastly, ask yourself on every move if you leave your men unprotected. You will get clarity at every move this way. If you are looking for chess tricks for beginners, these tactics will undoubtedly turn you into a pro. 

Save Your Time

Many players waste their time by either picking off their opponent’s pawns or playing too many chances with their own pawns. Avoid that! 

Castle Early

Make your rook play as it will castle the king for its protection. First, try to vacate all the squares between your king and rook. Once done, forward your king two squares towards the rook and move your rook to the square placed on the other side of the king. If your opponent fails to castle his kind, you can proactively launch an attack on his king. 

FACT: This is the only move that allows you to play 2 pieces in a single turn. 

The Middlegame Attack 

Get out all your bishops and knights into the game, and once you have castled, these are your opening moves. Yes, you heard it right. Now, we will unravel one of our chess tips and tricks for beginners that could be a bit thought-provoking. Be cautious enough to identify the unprotected men of your opponent. Most importantly, start looking for moves that eventually place your men in the attacking position. 

Lose Pieces Discreetly

Yes, it is true that you will pick off your opponent’s men, and some of your pieces will be picked by him. However, you must be able to spot the right swap. Remember the points each chess piece carries and ask yourself, “is it really wise to save your pawn and lose a knight?” Definitely, not! 

Pro chess strategy for beginners: Hold your horses when you see a good move! Don’t get excited too soon, and think of a better move patiently. “Patience is the key to chess success,” they say. 

Clinch The Endgame Victory

Once major swapping is done from both ends, the endgame begins. At this stage of the game, pawns become really important. The farthest your pawn advances, it becomes your queen. And that’s a thumping success already. Next, safeguard your king by keeping him away from your opponent’s reach, giving a special mention to the “queen” and not letting him get checked! Remember this chess strategy and tactics & practice consistently to win in the long run. 

Your opponent, when threatens to capture your kind in their next move; your king is checked! You cannot escape the threat as you can’t capture the particular piece that checked your king. So, checkmate your opponent before he does. You can become a chess master by practicing these hacks. To spice up your practice sessions, buy beautiful chess sets, such as a folding wooden chess set or metal chess set.