What are the 7 impressive benefits of playing chess?

Unlike other sports, you won’t sprint or get toned abs while playing chess. Chess is often perceived as a game of intellectually gifted people. However, an interesting fact about this game is that it is played worldwide by old and young people. Now, coming to the benefits of playing chess, there are many! If you have lately got interested in playing this game, these fantastic benefits that the game brings along will leave you jaw-dropping. Additionally, the modern luxury chess sets rolling out these days are totally irresistible. So, add one to your collection and avail the overall leverages that chess brings!

So, let’s find out some amazing advantages of playing chess that you might be unaware of.

  • Prevents Alzheimer’s 

You must be wondering how playing chess can prevent Alzheimer's? We will tell you how. Recent studies have discovered that there is a correlation between playing chess and recovery from Alzheimer's. People who have played chess for years are less likely to get this disease or dementia. At the same time, patients with Alzheimer's are advised to play chess to recover fast. Furthermore, it has been observed that people who play chess often have a sharp memory. Hence, this is one of the best reasons chess is good for brain from a medical point of view. 

  • Increases IQ

A survey conducted in Venezuela of 4000 students noted that playing chess for 4 months impressively enhanced the IQ level among girls and boys. Thus, young students are advised to play games like chess in order to increase their IQ. This is another significant factor why chess is good for your brain

  • Activate Both The Hemisphere of the Brain

People who play chess generally have activated both sides of the brain. Just like a player responds quickly to chess positions, he also reacts the same way in challenging life situations. It also keeps the brain active consistently. 

  • Aids in Recovering from Disability & Stroke 

Let’s talk about the world’s fastest human calculator, Neel kantha Bhanu Prakash. The boy was hit by a truck when he was only 5 years old and fractured his skull. To save his life, he had to undergo many surgeries and was put in a medically-induced coma. The accident caused him cognitive impairment, so he started solving puzzles and playing chess. These brain games helped him keep his mind active and recover faster. People who suffer a stroke or have a disability happen to develop fine motor skills when they play chess. So, we have one of the best chess game benefits that cannot be overlooked. 

  • Enhance Resilience, Patience & Reflexes 

When discussing the benefits of playing chess, these three are the most common among chess lovers. Well, a player plays chess patiently and thinks discreetly before making a move. These abilities are not found in others as comparatively. In addition, playing chess also enhances other skills, such as intuition, as the player usually predicts the opponent's next move. 

  • Boost Self-Confidence 

Chess is a game that requires a lot of strategic planning and focused thinking that eventually enhances your IQ level and boosts your confidence level. When you play this game for a long time, you ultimately get fresh ideas and thoughts that actually work. This is the prime reason the game boosts your confidence and ability to think sharply. 

  • Chess Elevates Creativity 

Chess lovers claim that they have begun to express themselves creatively ever since they started playing the game. There is a famous saying that goes like a person’s true personality is reflected through his chess game. Chess allows a person to unveil the concealed personality that too creatively through his game. Many people, particularly introverts, find it hard to express themselves, but this game is nothing less than a blessing to them. So, while wrapping up the advantages of playing chess, we believe chess is one of the best games to sharpen your brain and enhance your memory. 

We know your perception of the game chess might have changed a little while reading the article. Happened to us too. Chess is so much more than luxury chess pieces, and fancy sets, the underlying facts about the game are really thought-provoking. Share with your friends and family if you agree.