The Best Online Chess Stores in USA 2022 - 2023

The famous chess board game may be traced back to the sixth century, or around 1500 years ago. This game has been around for that long, yet it still hasn't lost any of its prestige. The origin of chess is a mystery to most of us, however, it is believed that it was first played in Northern India. Following this, the game became widely played across the Persian Empire. There is a wealth of information on the game of chess that could be whipped out, but since you're here in search of the greatest online chess shop, let's get right to it.

This short guide will bring you to where to buy luxury chess sets if you are a serious fan of the game or just enjoy collecting high-end chess sets as a hobby. We've developed a list of where to buy unique chess sets that can add some truly fantastic pieces to your collection.

Royal Chess Mall

At Royal Chess Mall, you can get the highest quality chess sets and accessories for both serious players and serious collectors. Chess sets with intricate carvings and classic designs are a wonderful way to spruce up any room. A contemporary luxury chess set is the ideal option even if you're shopping for a unique present for a loved one. Royal Chess store is pleased to provide customers with high-quality, world-class chess sets crafted from wood, brass, metal, marble, and other materials. The marble and high-end hardwood chess sets are available in a broad variety of patterns, colors, and styles. Since this is the case, you may relax knowing that you'll be able to get premium goods at affordable pricing.

If you have trouble locating the best wooden chess sets, try looking online. Find the best chess set available in your local market to add to your collection or fulfill your home design dreams.

The House of Staunton

The House of Staunton is a reputable company that sells a broad selection of products through its website. Among chess items, this one is often regarded as the "gold standard" by professionals. If you look at their product catalog, you'll realize why. Replicas of classic sets or fresh takes on old favorites, all of the sets manufactured by the House of Staunton are gorgeous works of handiwork.

The Chess Store

Since its 1999 inception, The Chess Store has been selling only the finest Staunton-style chess sets to its customers. Every item is put through a rigorous quality check before being sold and they only offer their own unique designs. Although The Chess Store is not always the cheapest option, they do offer excellent value for money on all of their best chess sets for beginners.

Chess USA

When it comes to chess supplies, Chessusa is a behemoth. It's been around for almost 35 years, and its web store contains more than 3,000 distinct products. Is this internet megastore as great as everyone says it is? The question is whether or not the actual Chess USA shopping experience lives up to the hype. Find out if Chess USA is the appropriate online chess store for you by reading our in-depth review!